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  • Samsung’s Galaxy Ring launch will likely happen next to Galaxy foldables in the second half of this year.
  • The company’s executive has confirmed the launch in a now-deleted LinkedIn post.
  • Samsung earlier teased the Galaxy Ring for the first time last month.

When Samsung initially hinted at the Galaxy Ring at the Galaxy S24 series launch event, it caught everyone off guard. The new health and fitness wearable has been the buzz of the town ever since its unveiling. While the anticipation is high, new information reveals a possible launch timeline of the Galaxy Ring.

While the Galaxy Ring is expected to launch later this year, Samsung didn’t reveal much during the tease during the Unpacked event. The company’s executive might have confirmed the launch will happen sometime soon.

A deleted LinkedIn post (via SamMobile) by Daniel Seung, the global head of B2B Wearable/IoT/Accessory at Samsung Electronics, revealed that a “New health & wellness wearable product in the 2nd half” of 2024, referring to the Samsung Galaxy Ring.

The new information could mean we might get to see the Galaxy Ring at the next big Unpacked Galaxy event. Alongside the wearable, we should see the foldable Galaxy Z Fold 6, the Galaxy Z Flip 6, and the Galaxy Watch 7 series.

Seung’s launch date reveal is one of the minimal pieces of information we have seen ever since the Galaxy Ring teaser last month. Samsung has been tight-lipped about its next wearable launch, and not much about the Galaxy Ring is known yet — aside from it being spotted in the Galaxy Wearable app last year and in the LockStar app early this month.

When the launch occurs later this year, the Galaxy Ring will be put up against its competitor and well-received Oura Ring. Samsung’s wearable is likely to adopt a concave design to incorporate the necessary health and fitness sensors underneath.

Teaser of the Samsung Galaxy Ring

(Image credit: Samsung)

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Samsung’s executive might have spilled some beans on Galaxy Ring’s launch

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