According to a recent post by a reputable source on X (@rquandt), Samsung is readying to replace the Xclipse GPU co-developed with AMD for an in-house solution. But not just yet. The Exynos 2500‘s GPU will still be based on AMD’s RDNA architecture, although it will likely be the last of its kind.

Samsung's Exynos 2600 may ditch AMD's RDNA GPU for an in-house solution

The RDNA-based Xclipse GPU debuted with the Exynos 2200 and has even made its way to Samsung’s mid-range Exynos 1480. It was marketed as a serious Adreno competitor (Qualcomm’s GPU) and was touted to have exceptional performance in ray-tracing games. However, if the reports are true, it looks like Samsung isn’t particularly happy with its AMD partnership.

Rumors of Samsung working on its own GPU design emerged last year and now we have a confirmation from a source with a pretty solid track record. In 2026, the Exynos 2600 will be the first Exynos chip with an in-house GPU made entirely by Samsung. We are talking design and manufacturing.

Speculations about Samsung working on a CPU design of its own have also emerged, but we have nothing substantial as of now and it will likely take years for Samsung to develop a CPU of its own.

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