Samsung’s One UI 7 beta based on Android 15 shows signs of life

Samsung is continuing its streak of adopting the latest version of Android quickly after Google introduces it. After the release of the Android 15 beta, Samsung has shown signs of life in developing One UI 7.

Android 15 is currently in it’s beta development phase after a short stint as a developer preview. The upcoming update brings a few changes that will mostly act as quality-of-life enhancers, shifting how dark mode works in apps and adding things like NFC wireless charging.

The latest Android 15 Beta 1 iteration brings little adjustments that follow the same trend. Thigns like Wi-Fi privacy settings, Pixel Weather app widgets, and the ability to switch default wallet apps are present, which add to the overall flow of Android and don’t necessarily bring a massive change to the UI.

As we expect, Samsung is ready to incorporate many of those changes. A recent change to Samsung’s own servers shows that One UI 7 – S928BXXU2BXE2 – is currently in the works (via SamMobile). It’s noted that the firmware version bears the characteristics of a major One UI update rather than an iterative or insubstantial upgrade. One UI 7 looks to be in testing specifically for the Galaxy S24, which would make complete sense, given the company hasn’t announced anything newer.

Samsung’s One UI 7 beta based on Android 15 shows signs of life

It looks like the beta development is focused on Europe in it’s current form, though we’ll likely see a larger rollout when Samsung is ready to debut the software. Samsung generally likes to release within Korea first, and then the US and Europe as time progresses.

It will likely still be a little while before Samsung opens the beta up to Galaxy users on the S24 series. With that, we’ll find out what the software brings to Galaxy phones compared to Pixel devices that can run Android 15 in its beta form.

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