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Samsung pulled off a pretty successful surprise reveal for the Samsung Galaxy Ring, which was announced at the end of the Samsung Galaxy S24 keynote in January. Smart rings are not a new thing, but they are for any major tech brand, with Samsung set to be the first household name to go around selling smart rings.

Thanks to a recent leak, we now have a good idea of how much this ring might cost in the United States, and we also know that it might be coming with a monthly subscription attached to it, likely to cover some (and hopefully not all) of its features.

The Samsung Galaxy Ring Is Going To Set You Back As Much As The Galaxy Watch 6 At Launch

Some Samsung Galaxy Ring Features Might Need A Subscription 4
Image: Samsung

When the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 launched last year, you could get the smaller case size at $300 and the bigger model at just about $30 more. That’s typical smartwatch pricing territory, at least for more premium brands. The Samsung Galaxy Ring, a much smaller wearable in a less established segment, is likely going to set you back about the same amount.

According to a leak from Yogesh Brar on X, the Samsung Galaxy Ring is going to cost anywhere between $300 to $350 in the United States. Considering that the Oura Ring 3, the most popular smart ring available at the moment, costs $300, we can say that the Samsung Galaxy Ring won’t be overpriced as long as it brings a comparable list of specs to the table. After all, we can expect a name-brand premium over what Oura has.

Samsung Galaxy Ring
Image Credit: Samsung

However, on its own, without using the benchmark set by the Oura Ring, over $300 for a ring seems very expensive, especially when we realize that it likely won’t be able to do substantially more than the Galaxy Watch while losing the screen and aesthetic appeal. Of course, sticking all that tech into such a compact form factor is bound to come with a higher cost. Hopefully, once officially launched, we’ll know more about whether it is worth the price tag or not.

Apart From A High Price Tag, The Galaxy Ring Is Also Going To Need A Subscription

In addition to needing to fork over several hundred dollars, it seems that there’s a possibility that you’re going to find the Galaxy Ring needing a subscription model to access some of its features. This would match the Oura Ring 3 which has a $70+ annual fee for access to all its features.

Some Samsung Galaxy Ring Features Might Need A Subscription 5
Image: Samsung

Samsung hasn’t officially stated much about the device, so this information also comes courtesy of Android Authority’s interview with Yogesh Brar. He says that his sources indicate that there may be a sub-$10 monthly subscription attached to the Samsung Galaxy Ring, and this will likely be needed to access “premium” features and not all of them.

The Galax Ring is likely not to bring many features that the Samsung Galaxy Watch doesn’t also share, and if that’s the case, it’d be hard for the Korean manufacturer to justify having consumers pay $300 and still have to get a subscription on top of that. Just because Oura does it doesn’t mean that Samsung needs to, especially since both companies don’t play in the same stadium.

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