Supposed Galaxy Z Fold 6 leak shows off its new, boxy design

Samsung is expected to bring some changes to its upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6, and if a new leak is to be believed, that includes a boxier design and a wider cover display.

Samsung’s plans for the Galaxy Z Fold 6 have been hard to track down. At one point, two different models were expected at different price points, while there has also been talk of improvements to the display crease and more. Some rumors have been contradictory, though, such as Samsung “reconsidering” a budget-focused Fold, as well as any hints of better cameras.

But, despite rumors pointing to another fairly iterative year, it does seem there will be some changes.

Ice Universe, a reliable Samsung tipster, shared a partial image of “the next Fold,” which shows a boxy design that’s wider. The Galaxy Z Fold 6 pictured still has a centered camera cutout and a metal frame. We can’t see the full cover display, so it’s hard to tell what sort of difference this design actually makes. But from what we can see, it definitely looks wider than the Fold 5 and prior, perhaps close to the OnePlus Open.

The hinge is also noticeably thinner, barely protruding from the left side of the design, at least based on this picture.

This all lines up with a leak from February, where this boxier design first showed up.

Samsung is set to launch the Galaxy Z Fold 6 alongside the Flip 6 and several other new products in July.

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