Samsung Find shows your devices on a map without having to dig through menus

The Galaxy S24 Ultra, S23 Ultra, S24+, and S23+ lined up.


  • Samsung aims to compete with Apple’s Find My app by introducing its own preloaded app called Samsung Find on the Galaxy S24 series, offering a streamlined phone-finding experience.
  • The app allows users to track the location of their Galaxy devices, including SmartTags, on the SmartThings Find network, but with a dedicated space.
  • Samsung’s Find app has three tabs for People, Devices, and Items, and offers features such as sharing locations with family and friends and a “notify when left behind” feature.

Samsung and Google get along relatively well, even if both companies compete with each other in the smartphone space. All Android smartphone makers, however, have to fight against Apple’s iPhones and iOS. Sometimes, it seems like the leaders in this space are behind the eight-ball on some features that iPhones have, such as the Find My app that makes it easy to always know where your iCloud-enabled Apple devices are. Samsung aims to totally change that line of thinking with its new preloaded app on the Galaxy S24 series of phones.

The Samsung Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra were finally unveiled last week after months and months of cyclical speculation on the line. While we are a bit underwhelmed by what the line has to offer on first glance, the new models are still a minor upgrade over last year’s Galaxy S23 series.

Regardless of initial opinions, people who want a more streamlined Find My-like experience on Samsung smartphones are getting a boost from the news that a new app called Samsung Find will come preloaded on the entire Galaxy S24 series, and anyone who upgrades to One UI 6.1 on older Galaxy devices will be able to download the app from the Galaxy Store.

While phone-finding has existed for years on Android, and Samsung offered similar functionality in its SmartThings app for finding phones and tablets, it’s nice to have a dedicated space for finding all of your Galaxy gear. Google has been working on improving Android’s finding features for a while now, but its current offering only lets you see your device’s last known location as long as it’s turned on, for one (but that seems to be changing). While the available tools do the job just fine, many have been clamoring for more streamlined experiences on Android and One UI. Find does the job for Samsung.

This app will essentially be an adaption of what SmartThing Find’s location-tracking feature does. It’ll have three tabs (People, Devices, and Items). You can share your and your devices’ locations with family and friends, and you can track items that have smart tags. There are other cool things about the app, such as the “notify when left behind” feature, that will be added by its launch day and beyond.

The Galaxy S24 comes with an app that replicates Apple’s ‘Find My’ experience

We are more than happy about this development. No more poking around in the SmartThings app to try to find your phone — that can just handle your IoT devices and automations now. The updated hub will do wonders for communicating location-based data with your family and friends as well as yourself for when you leave things behind. Apple raised the bar for everyone else when it comes to Find My, but with Samsung attempting to replicate Apple’s network in similar ways, it’ll only mean good things for consumers.

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