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The Google Pixel Fold is experiencing some weird display issues – Phandroid

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The Google Pixel Fold is experiencing some weird display issues – Phandroid

The problem with foldable phones is its displays. These displays have been designed to be flexible in order to fold, which means that compared to more traditional flat displays, they are more fragile. Unfortunately for Google Pixel Fold users, they are discovering some display issues with their phones.

According to a video by Zac Bowden, it shows the inner display of the phone exhibiting some scrolling inertia issues. Basically it looks like the touch sensitivity on the inner display isn’t as sensitive as the other parts. This results in stuttering animations, like how your screen might react when you touch it with wet fingers.

Pixel Fold users: Is scrolling on the inner display wonky for you? Some users are reporting that scrolling inertia on the inner display has been weird, especially on recent Android 14 builds (both the latest stable QPR2-based build and the QPR3 beta).

For example, gestures like… pic.twitter.com/hgf3GF8QpD

— Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) March 8, 2024

It also has an issue where the screen only scrolls when you move it with your finger. Normally on our touchscreen phones, when you flick your finger on the screen, it will continue to scroll. This does not appear to be the case with the Pixel Fold. According to Bowden, this display issue persists even after doing a factory reset and manually flashing a stable Android 14 build.

This would suggest that maybe this could be a hardware issue rather than a software one, where perhaps due to prolonged opening and closing of the phone could have damaged some components. Google has yet to comment on the issue and it is unclear how widespread it is. Hopefully there is some kind of resolution for this, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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