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The Samsung Galaxy Ring is starting to look like a sure thing – Phandroid

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The Samsung Galaxy Ring is starting to look like a sure thing – Phandroid

There have been rumors that Samsung is working on a new wearable in the form of a smart ring. Evidence of such a device being in the works came in the form of a trademark for the “Galaxy Ring”, and now it looks like more proof of such a device has been uncovered.

This is according to a post on Korean forums in which users discovered a new icon that looks like a ring, indicating that this is a new product that Samsung could be working on. Not much else is known about this device, but the icon does feel like a dead giveaway.

Wow, Galaxy ring is coming.

Korean users have examined the files of the Galaxy Wearable app and found an icon like this. It seems like the release of the Galaxy Ring is not far away. pic.twitter.com/F8eNLf4eHB

— Revegnus (@Tech_Reve) September 13, 2023

In terms of specs and features, it might be too early to tell at the moment. But since smart rings aren’t new and there are devices like the Oura, it’s probably not hard to imagine what it could be used for, such as for health and fitness related tracking capabilities.

As to why anyone would get a ring instead of a smartwatch, battery could be a good reason. By not having a display, a smart ring could in theory last much longer. It could also double up as a fashion accessory, especially for users who might prefer traditional watches compared to smartwatches.

Also, a ring is much smaller and much lighter so for those who hate having something strapped to their wrists, a ring could be a good alternative. We’re not sure when Samsung will announce the device, but maybe it could launch early next year alongside the Galaxy S24 models.

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