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The Samsung XR headset could be unveiled soon – Phandroid

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The Samsung XR headset could be unveiled soon – Phandroid

Samsung is no stranger when it comes to wearable headsets. The company has created a number of VR headsets over the years, but with the launch of the Apple Vision Pro, it’s no surprise that Samsung is showing renewed interest in the category again. Samsung teased an XR headset that will be built in collaboration with Google and Qualcomm back in 2023, and we could officially get the details as soon as next month.

This is according to a post on X by Google. The company says there will be some announcements related to augmented reality made at I/O 2024. This has led some to speculate that maybe the details and features of the Samsung XR headset could be revealed during the event.

Samsung hasn’t really said much about the headset after the initial confirmation in 2023. This has led to a lot of rumors and speculation about the device. It is rumored to run on a variant of Android and use a Qualcomm chipset made for XR devices.

The rumors also claim that it will come in at a lower price than the Apple Vision Pro. It will be interesting to see what kind of features it could offer. Samsung isn’t alone in trying to come up with something new to compete with the Apple Vision Pro. In 2023, there were rumors that Meta and LG could be working together to create a new headset.

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