There’s nothing like hearing a song somewhere in the world and launching Shazam into action to find out what it is. However, if you found yourself using a smartwatch with Wear OS installed and didn’t have your Android phone around (perhaps when on a run), you were out of luck.

The Shazam team seems to have recognized this issue because, as spotted by 9to5Google, the app has been updated with an important feature: the ability to Shazam songs without the need for a paired Android phone.

In the release notes, the company said you no longer need your phone in order for your watch to recognize a song, unlocking a new way to scan for songs when you don’t have your phone on you. Now, you’ll just activate Shazam on your Wear OS smartwatch, and you’ll be good to go.

You can now Shazam songs on Wear OS without an Android phone
Identified song on the Shazam app on Wear OS.

But that’s not the only thing that the Shazam team did with this update. In addition to making the app work without a phone, it also made it work without a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. The company says that when you’re offline, the app will now store the recording and, when you’re back online, find the song and notify you.


But wait! There’s more! Identified songs will now sync across your devices in real time, so if you scan for a song on your watch, you’ll see that song on the phone app right away.

Here’s the exact release notes:

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