Some Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 owners have noticed a new handy feature that enables them to monitor the progress of app installation directly from the app drawer. Checking individual app downloads at the Google Play Store will become redundant with this feature, thus simplifying the process of handling downloads and updates.

App installs are now easier to track on a Pixel Watch making it more functional

Google’s commitment to enhancing the Pixel watch experience shines through with this feature. Among other things, adding an on-screen indicator for app installations means that Google’s Wear OS is one step closer to improved functionality.

The latest feature was first discovered by one user known as Dimitrios Vlachos, whose revelation was then seconded by Mishaal Rahman. The progress bar appears within the app drawer allowing Pixel Watch owners to oversee their workflow without interruption.

Pixel Watch downlaod Progress 2
From Mishaal Rahman on X

The progress bar feature on WearOS underscores the convenience of a Pixel Watch. Google further optimizes performance and functionality across the Pixel Watch lineup through regular updates and feature additions like those brought about by new Pixels’ Feature Drop releases.

The feature remains exclusive to Pixel Watch 1 and Pixel Watch 2

It indicates that Google has not stopped innovating or improving its smartwatch ecosystem. However, the added functionalities are only available for Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 users. Nevertheless, it is important to note that other wearables using Wear OS like the OnePlus Watch 2 cannot execute this function yet.

Incorporating a feature showing the app download progress is a demonstration of Google’s desire to make Pixel watches much more integrated into the user’s ecosystem. Folks no longer have to check their app download status within the Play Store. The app drawer will let users know every time an installation progresses successfully or when there may be any issues that may need intervention while they are still working on something else on their watches.

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