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  • YouTube Music seems to have added a new song search feature.
  • It reportedly lets you search for a song by humming, singing, or playing it.
  • It doesn’t look like the new option has rolled out widely.

YouTube Music is reportedly getting a new song search feature — something that YouTube got just a few months back.

According to a Reddit user, the YouTube Music app on iOS now shows a song search icon next to the voice search option. It allows you to play, sing, or hum a song in order to find it in the YouTube Music library.

If this sounds familiar, that’s because you can also do a Hum to Search in Google Search, while Pixel phones let you identify a song playing near you using the Now Playing feature. Alternatively, you can use the Google Assistant on your Android device to identify a song by playing, singing, whistling, or humming it.

YouTube Music Song Search Feature

The feature makes a whole lot of sense on an app like YouTube Music. However, we haven’t been able to spot it yet on the Android or iOS version of the app. It’s possible Google has only rolled it out to a handful of users and is preparing for a wider launch. Let us know if you’ve also spotted the new song search icon on your YouTube Music app.

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