Oppo and Sony’s Lytia imaging sensor brand have announced a new strategic partnership that will bring dual-layer stacked Sony sensors to future Oppo flagships. Oppo promises the new sensors will “unlock the next era of computational photography” but does not reveal when we can expect to see the first device with this new sensor.

Sony Lytia and Oppo dual stacked CMOS sensor teaser poster
Sony Lytia and Oppo dual stacked CMOS sensor teaser poster

Sony’s ExmorT IMX 888 stacked CMOS sensor with 2-layer transistor pixel technology premiered in the Xperia 1 V earlier this year and Sony is bringing two more sensors using the stacked CMOS sensor design – the IMX903 and IMX907. We have a more detailed explanation on the new dual-layer stacked sensor design and its benefits here.

Sony’s stacked CMOS sensor design
Sony’s stacked CMOS sensor design

The key point is that the transistors and photodiode layers are separated, allowing for physically larger diodes, more light capture and better low-light performance. Fellow BBK-brand vivo also announced a partnership with Sony’s Lytia division earlier this summer for the upcoming vivo X100 flagship series which will feature custom Sony stacked CMOS sensors.

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