First Galaxy Z Fold 6 leaked renders show a squarer foldable that’s barely different [Gallery]

It is approaching that time of year when we see the first leaks and renders of Samsung’s newest foldable. The Galaxy Z Fold 6 is the first to surface, with new renders leaking and showcasing a sharper silhouette that refines a trusted design.

New renders shared by @OnLeaks via SmartPrix of the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6 show a very slight design change, with some minor refinements throughout the design.

The first thing to notice is the overall shape. In the render leak, each corner of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 can easily be seen, and they’re much sharper than on the previous model. The Galaxy Z Fold 5 carried somewhat round edges, similar to what you’d see on the S24+. Now, the Z Fold 6 has a silhouette that mimics the S24 Ultra or a Galaxy Note of old.

The outside rails of the foldable are also squared off perpendicular to the phone. This imitates the new design change we saw on the Galaxy S24 and S24+, flattening those edges to give the phone a more modern look.

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 is also expected to be slightly wider, coming in at 153.5 x 132.5 mm. The difference in width is 2.6mm in lateral real estate – 1.3mm when folded. The Fold 6 looks to be slightly shorter by a similar, yet less extreme, margin. This shouldn’t affect the overall feel of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 in the hand or pocket, but it might be just the physical change needed to make it more comfortable to use. It’s also apparently the same thickness at 6.1mm when open, and there’s no S Pen silo yet again.

Previous leaks have noted that Samsung is likely to adjust the aspect ratio on the outer display of the Fold 6. If these new specifications and renders on hand are true, it doesn’t look like that change will be as substantial as we thought. In the leaked images, the front display looks similar, if ever-so-slightly wider compared to what we have in the Fold 5.

We’ve also heard rumors of a more affordable Galaxy Z Fold 6 variant, in which case, that device could offer the expected altered front display aspect ratio. Much of it is up in the air right now, but we do know Samsung will continue to offer the Galaxy Z Fold 6 sometime this year, and expectations are high for it to be a better foldable than what others offer.

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