An FCC (Federal Communications Commission) listing was recently spotted indicating that a new WearOS smartwatch by Google is currently in the works with the model number G4SKY. The post itself doesn’t specifically say it’s a smartwatch. However, discovered instructions on viewing the “FCC E-label” strongly suggest that it is indeed a wearable. Don’t get too excited because it’s most likely not the Pixel Watch 3. 9To5Google in their coverage points out a couple of clues hinting at what it could possibly be.

The timing of the post is strange, notes 9To5Google. The Pixel Watch 3 is scheduled to come out in October. The FCC listing for the next-gen wearable should, at the very earliest, come out in the summer. Second, it lacks support for ultra-wideband (UWB), a connectivity protocol that’ll allow “for a faster and more precise unlocking experience”. 

The feature was revealed back in early March after 9To5Google dove into the Android code. Not every global region supports UWB so Bluetooth will stay available. Additionally, the mystery device won’t be some other Google hardware like Pixel Tablet 2 either because it’ll have LTE connectivity, according to the news site. 

Secret project

So if it’s not the Pixel Watch 3, then what is it? The publication believes we’re looking at the tech giant’s new mid-range wearable which they refer to as the “Pixel Watch 2a.” Further investigation shows the smartwatch will “exist in one variation” only equipped with Wi-Fi as well as the aforementioned Bluetooth and LTE connectivity. 

What’s interesting about all this information is not a single leak or report has come out claiming Google is working on a mid-range smartwatch.

A stripped-down version of the Pixel Watch is something we haven’t seen before and could fill a niche of people wanting a low-cost wearable from Google or Fitbit. The latter is another possibility. If you look at the current Fitbit smartwatch catalog on the official website, nothing is below $200, so there’s room for cheaper hardware.

You can look up the listing yourself by going to the FCC’s Generic Search page and then entering “G4SKY” into the Product Code box. Be warned the material isn’t the most engaging read. It consists primarily of letters of approval, a couple of schematics, and test results. 

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Do keep in mind this is all speculation. Nothing is known for sure, although Google I/O 2024 kicks off in about three weeks from the time of this writing. We would expect to see the Pixel Watch 2a appear alongside other mid-range devices like the Pixel 8a.

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