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  • A leaker has claimed that OnePlus could offer a foldable flip phone with a telephoto camera.
  • This would presumably be a rebranded version of an upcoming OPPO Find N Flip phone.

OnePlus has already launched its first foldable, the OnePlus Open, but this is a Fold-style device. Now, a Chinese leaker has suggested that a OnePlus flip phone could be on the way.

Smart Pikachu on Weibo claimed (via machine translation) that OPPO’s next flip phone will pack a telephoto camera and macro capabilities. However, they also suggested that OnePlus could have a foldable flip phone with a telephoto camera and macro support too.

OnePlus Oppo flip foldable Smart Pikachu weibo

It’s possible that something was lost in translation, but a OnePlus flip foldable phone makes sense. The OnePlus Open was effectively a rebranded OPPO Find N3, after all. So it wouldn’t be a surprise if the OPPO Find N5 Flip gets released under the OnePlus name. We’ve also recently seen several aggressively priced flip-style foldables in recent months, so a well-priced OnePlus Flip seems like a sensible way to grab a piece of the foldable pie.

Furthermore, a flip phone with a telephoto camera would be a rarity as few flip foldables offer this feature today. In fact, the OPPO Find N3 Flip is the only commercially available device that fits the bill.

Smart Pikachu also claimed that OPPO and vivo haven’t given up on flip foldables. They did, however, claim that the development of their products is “half a year” behind rivals. You probably shouldn’t hold your breath for a OnePlus Flip phone soon, though, especially with several previous leaks suggesting the OPPO Find N5 Flip has been canceled.

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