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  • The OHealth companion app for the OnePlus Watch 2 now lets you migrate your health and fitness data without a cloud sync.
  • The OHealth app update also adds toggles to auto-launch media control settings and Raise to Wake from the companion app.

The OnePlus Watch 2 is a great smartwatch, but it isn’t perfect. We’ve highlighted a few shortcomings of the device in our OnePlus Watch 2 review, and there are some more that users do not like. For instance, if you do not sign into the companion OHealth app and agree to cloud sync your data, your health and fitness data will be lost when you switch phones. OnePlus is now rolling out an update to the OHealth app that brings this data migration feature to help you switch phones without losing your health data collected with the OnePlus Watch 2.

OnePlus is rolling out an update to the OHealth companion app that powers the OnePlus Watch 2. OHealth v4.21.5 doesn’t appear to have a verbose official changelog, but we can spot several changes.

There is a new “migrate data” option in profile settings that lets you migrate your workout and health data to another device. This feature requires the old and new phones to be present on the same Wi-Fi network, and you will need to scan a QR code to initialize the migration. If you have signed into the OHealth app, you must sign into the same account on both devices before migrating data.

This OHealth update also lets you toggle whether you want to auto-launch media control settings on your OnePlus Watch 2 whenever you play media on your phone. The app update now lets you toggle Raise to Wake directly from the companion app and set an auto-screen off-time. Previously, you could toggle Raise to wake only from the smartwatch.

There is no update to be installed on the OnePlus Watch 2 to receive these features on the companion app. If you haven’t already received an update to the OHealth app through the Play Store, you can sideload the app update to get these features.

We’re still awaiting more features that make the OnePlus Watch 2 one of the best Wear OS smartwatches. While the data migration feature is well received, you could already use cloud sync to keep your data intact across phones, as I did. What the OnePlus Watch 2 needs is the ability to switch between phones without completely resetting itself. This feature is seen on other Wear OS watches, and OnePlus continues to be late to this party. Hopefully, we will see this rollout soon too.

OnePlus Watch 2

OnePlus Watch 2

OnePlus Watch 2

Runs Wear OS 4 • Unique dual-chip architecture • Incredible battery life

OnePlus x Wear OS

The OnePlus Watch 2 is the company’s second-generation smartwatch and the first OnePlus wearable to feature the Wear OS platform, adding considerably more smart features, including access to the Google Play Store. It also features a dual-engine architecture with two chipsets working concurrently to deliver multi-day battery life.

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