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NEW and HOT KIMAFUN Wireless Microphone Review

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This system here – the KIMAFUN G102-5 is designed for two people. Now this is ideal for giving presentations, conferences, and voice overs.  So, let’s dive in.

It comes with this nice case to keep everything together and safe. At first, upon opening the case it can look overwhelming with all the stuff you see. But it’s ok, I’ll walk you through what everything is.

Package Contents:

  • One receiver
  • Two transmitters
  • 2 headset microphones
  • 4 wind-scream foams
  • 6.35mm adapter,
  • 3 in one charging cable to charge transmitters and  receiver simultaneously,
  • Phone splitter –  This is useful for the combo microphone and headphone jack
  • Two lavaliere Mics
  • USB sound adapter
  • Two belt clips 
  • User manual.

There is a lot here but once you break it down, its not that overwhelming.


Putting them together is fairly simple as well.  Just turn on the receiver and transmitter and the connection will occur automatically.  Screw the headset into the transmitter and plug the receiver into your device.

If you’re using a laptop/tablet or phone, then they most likely have the combo microphone and headphone jack. In that case you have to use the phone splitter and plug the mic into the microphone port.  On a desktop PC, more than likely you will have separate mic and headphone jacks.  Just plug the receiver into the mic port and you’re all set.  Now I’ve pretty much covered all the equipment that comes in the package except for the charging cable and the lavaliere mics.  Speaking of which, I’m actually used the lavaliere mic to record the voice over so you can hear it in a real-world scenario. 

So far I have unboxed and gone over the contents and I have done the setup and using the equipment. Now let’s get the technical information out of the way.

Technical Specs

The headset transmitter uses 2.4 GHz technology and should work up to 50-100 feet, of course this depends on other conditions.

The wireless transmitter & receiver can be charged simultaneously with the 3 in 1 USB cable and are fully charged within 3-4 hours allowing between 6-8 hours of usage. Should be plenty of time to get through a session.


As I alluded to in my intro, there are some obvious scenarios and uses.   First off is giving presentations. Because of the ease of setup and use, this is ideal for giving presentations.  Based on the technical specs, if you’re in a wide open auditorium or hall, this should work just fine.

Another great use is for those you out there who are into fitness training and streaming. I was able to use it while doing a workout and the equipment wasn’t bulking or got in the way.  With all the jumping and moving around, everything stayed in place and didn’t fall off.

The last major test is to see how far I can go before the audio suffers. So, follow me.

Audio test

So, after testing the audio, it appears that if you are in wide open space with no obstructions that you should be able to reach the 50-100 foot range.  It seems that if objects are in the way, the audio will be interrupted over longer distances.

This set is available on Amazon for under $90. It comes equipped for two people and has everything you need for presentations, stream and recording audio. Whether you’re using a Phone, PC, tablet or laptop, all the equipment is here. Audio quality is good, comfort and fit are also great on these.  For anyone looking for quality wireless headset for a good price, check these out.

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