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IMStick Review: Versatile IPhone Holder – Popsockets Alternative

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In this IMStick Review, I will break down why this is the most versatile Iphone holder and a better popsockets alternative. This is a well built phone stand and its easy to use. This could be the only mobile phone stand you need.

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Are you looking for a phone holder that’s more versatile and more mature than those Popsockets? Well, the folks at The Stick Company sent us their ImStick to test out. Now this is a very versatile magnetic holder for mobile devices.  It features very powerful magnets and a flexible wire which can be articulated to adopt for many uses. This sounds great in theory, but does it work that way? I’ll let you know in my IMStick Review.

Off the top, when you handle the IMStick, you can tell that its well built product.  It is not made of plastic like the Popsockets are. Now its slightly heavier but nothing to worry about, its still light weight. Included in the package is the magnetic holder, 2 metal stickers, blue and yellow, 2 silicon coated wires and alcohol wipe. It’s fairly easy to setup, just take the silicon wire and shove it through the middle of the plate, wipe down the back of your phone or case and attach the metal sticker to the back and its ready to go.

IMStick is made of light weight aluminum alloy and neodymium magnets.  The eight Neodymium magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnets that are commercially available.  The magnets are safe for phones, tablets and GPS devices; however, you do want to keep this away from credit cards, hard drives and pacemakers.

Once you get it setup, the uses for ImStick is only limited by your imagination.  The magnets and the flexible wire allow IMStick to tackle most situations.  In addition to using IMStick to hold up your phone vertically or horizontally, it can be mounted to any metal surface. You can use it on a bicycle, if you are in the kitchen cooking and need to follow a recipe, just mount it on the microwave. Need to up your selfie game, just mount it to a light stand and snap some photos. Now, these are just a few of the ways IMStick can be used. ImStick even has a opening that fits the standard 3/8 inch screw found on most tripods.

When using it as a stand on my desk or any flat surface, what worked best for me was to make sure my device was also touching the surface.  That eliminated the shaking and bounciness that occurred when the device is just floating in the air.

Now up until this point, I wasn’t much for using smart phone holders. But IMStick is so versatile that I quickly adopted to it and I use it daily.  Its light weight, versatile and well built and makes IMStick the best alternative to the Popsocket. IMStick comes highly recommend and is a must for anyone in search of a phone holder or looking to replace those kiddie Popsockets.

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